My favorite joy from Doodling comes from seeing my Mom smile each time she sees a new one! 

Meet Teresa ♥

I am a professional doodler! I have always drawn and crafted from a young age. I started doodling professionally, about 8 years ago. I started with bible journaling and doodling to relieve stress and refocus myself. I doodle to bring smiles and joy to others. To spread love, peace, and kindness through the small act of doodling. I carry my bitty doodles around with me and share them randomly wherever I go! 

I recently moved to Savannah, Georgia. I enjoy the art culture, the history, the people, and the weather! I truly believe that the tiniest act of kindness or gesture can touch the lives of so many…it’s a domino doodle theory! 
I love to doodle at church by doodling the message or a song or a bible verse. Beach doodling is amazing. I doodle on planes, in airports, or on long car rides. I doodle here, there, and everywhere…but seriously my favorite doodles are done at home while watching cooking shows! 
My doodle characters are all named and each one is very special to me! ♥

My New Book is Available!

The Lil’ Island Prayers book is now available for purchase! Pick up your copy at the Irritable Pelican Artisan Gallery on Tybee Island today! ♥

Doodle Updates Here!

Check out what I’ve been doodling on Facebook! Find new art, info on craft fairs where my pieces will be available for sale, and more!  ♥

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